Tuesday, January 31, 2017

[DMANET] Call for nominations -- IPEC Nerode Prize -- Due March 1, 2017

The EATCS-IPEC Nerode Prize is given annually for outstanding papers in the
area of multivariate algorithmics.

ELIGIBILITY: research paper or series of research papers by a single author
or by a team of authors published in a recognized refereed journal. The
year of publication should be at least two years and at most ten years
before the year of the award nomination. The research work nominated for
the award should be in the area of multivariate algorithms and complexity
meant in a broad sense, and encompasses, but is not restricted to, those
areas covered by the International Symposium on Parameterized and Exact
Computation (IPEC).

TO NOMINATE: Send an email to Award Committee Chair containing a brief
summary of the technical content of each nominated paper and a brief
explanation of its significance. Send copies to the members of the
committee. The Subject line of the nomination E-mail should contain the
group of words "Nerode Prize Nomination". The nomination deadline is March
1, 2017.

David Eppstein <eppstein@uci.edu> Award Committee Chair (University of
California, Irvine)
Daniel Marx <dmarx@cs.bme.hu> (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Jianer Chen <chen@cse.tamu.edu> (Texas A&M)

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