Saturday, October 28, 2017

[DMANET] 1-week extension for DCC

Dear Colleague,

The chairs of the next *Data Compression Conference* (DCC '18) have
announced a 1-week extension, so the deadline is now November 8th instead
of 1st. Again, we invite you to submit to our special session on
over compressed data* interesting new results you may have both on *compact
data structures* and on *compression-aware algorithms*.

The DCC '18 session will extend the special sessions at DCC '14 and '16 on
*c**ompact data structures*, which resulted in special issues of the *Journal
of Discrete Algorithms* (published) and *Algorithmica* (in press):

We plan to invite extended versions of selected papers from the DCC '18
session to a special issue of *Information and Computation*.

The conference will take place from March 27th to 30th, in Snowbird, Utah
(a premier ski resort in the Rocky Mountains). The DCC submission process
(see will allow authors to
direct their papers to the special session, but submissions will be
otherwise handled in the same way, will be subject to the same review
process and, if accepted, will be included in the same proceedings.

Best regards,
Travis Gagie and Gonzalo Navarro
(session co-chairs)

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