Monday, October 30, 2017

[DMANET] Ph.D. Positions in Algorithms at the University of Augsburg

Up to two Ph.D. positions are to be filled in April 2018 or earlier
in the Theoretical Computer Science group of Professor Torben Hagerup
at the University of Augsburg.

The successful applicant(s) will be expected to conduct independent
research in the area of efficient algorithms that fits in well with
existing activities of the group and to work towards obtaining a Ph.D.
degree at the University of Augsburg. A prior master's degree in
computer science, mathematics or a closely related field is required.
In exceptional cases it may be possible to hire a person who already
holds a Ph.D. degree (postdoc).

The positions are paid according to level TVL E13 of the German
salary scale for public employees (the monthly gross salary
depends on an employee's personal situation, but is likely to
exceed 3600 euros). The initial appointment, for three years, can
be extended up to a total of six years.

The positions are associated with teaching obligations that are
typically fulfilled through work as a teaching assistant for
an existing course. Because the language of teaching is German,
applicants should be proficient in German or have a plausible
willingness and ability to learn the language within a short
period of time.

The Theoretical Computer Science group conducts research in algorithms
and data structures with an emphasis on graph algorithms. Current
interests include space-efficient computing, fixed-parameter-tractable
(FPT) algorithms and algorithms for NP-complete problems. A certain
amount of implementation work is also carried out.

Persons interested in applying for the positions are invited to send
an informal indication of their interest and any questions that they
may have to A formal application
(in English or German) should include a cover letter motivating the
applicant's interest in the positions and indicating the date of his
or her availability, a CV, a copy of the applicant's master's thesis,
and any other material suitable for demonstrating the applicant's
aptitute for the job. Applications may be sent electronically in a
single file or a small number of files in a standard format (such as
PDF) to the address above.

Applications will be reviewed starting on Dec. 1, 2017. Applications
that are received later will be considered if the positions are still
open at that time.

Prof. Torben Hagerup
Institut fuer Informatik
University of Augsburg
86135 Augsburg
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