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[DMANET] PhD and Postdoc Positions (Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Algorithms)

PhD and Postdoc Positions (Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Algorithms)

The Information Theory team at Aalto University carries out research in a variety
of subfields within discrete mathematics (coding theory, design theory, graph theory,
information theory) and computer science (combinatorial algorithms). In particular,
studies on classification of fundamental combinatorial structures have been pursued
(P. Kaski & P.R.J. Ostergard, Classification Algorithms for Codes and Designs, Springer,
Berlin, 2006).

Algorithms for clique (independent set) search play a central role in the research,
and the team has developed the Cliquer software
Possible topics for study and research include exact and heuristic algorithms for the
maximum clique problem and other (NP)-hard problems as well as application of these to
construction, enumeration, and classification of various types of discrete structures.
A 500-core compute cluster owned by the team is a dream come true for anyone wanting to
push the limits of what is computationally doable. CERN hunts new particles, we hunt
new mathematical structures.

[The information within brackets is for the postdoc position.]
An applicant for the PhD [postdoc] position should have a Master's [PhD] degree
in mathematics or computer science, excellent programming skills (C), good skills
in English, and documented knowledge in some subfields of discrete mathematics or
computer science related to the topics mentioned above. The entry level salary is
2422 EUR [3517 EUR] before taxes. The employee is assumed to act as a teaching assistant
[teacher] for one course per year. The preferable starting time is January 2018 but can
be somewhat adjusted; the position is filled for a maximum of 4 [1.5] years with an
option of extension for the postdoc position.

Any inquiries should be sent by email to
The application should be sent to the same address as soon as possible
but no later than on November 30, 2017. Please submit the following documents:

-a CV and (if applicable) a list of publications,
-copies of university grade transcripts and diplomas,
-the names of two persons who are willing to provide a letter of reference,
if asked, and
-for the PhD position only: a motivation letter,
-for the postdoc position only: a research plan.


Patric Ostergard

Dept. of Communications & Networking
Aalto University
P.O. Box 13000, 00076 Aalto, FINLAND
Tel: +358 50 344 3610
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