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[DMANET] CiE 2018 - 2nd Call for Papers

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CiE 2018: Sailing Routes in the World of Computation
Kiel, Germany
July 30 - August 3, 2018


Deadline for abstract submission: January 17, 2018
Deadline for article submission: February 1, 2018
Notification of acceptance: April 6, 2018
Final versions due: April 20, 2018

Deadline for informal presentations submission: April 20, 2018
(The notifications of acceptance for informal presentations will be
sent a few days after submission.)

Early registration before: May 30, 2018

CiE 2018 is the fourteenth conference organized by CiE (Computability
in Europe), a European association of mathematicians, logicians,
computer scientists, philosophers, physicists and others interested in
new developments in computability and their underlying significance
for the real world.

Previous meetings have taken place in Amsterdam (2005), Swansea
(2006), Siena (2007), Athens (2008), Heidelberg (2009), Ponta Delgada
(2010), Sofia (2011), Cambridge (2012), Milan (2013), Budapest (2014),
Bucharest (2015), Paris (2016), and Turku (2017).


Pinar Heggernes (Bergen, Norway)
Bakhadyr Khoussainov (Auckland, NZ)


Kousha Etessami (Edinburgh, UK)
Johanna Franklin (Hempstead, US)
Mai Gehrke (Paris, France)
Alberto Marcone (Udine, Italy)
Alexandra Silva (London, UK)
Jeffrey O. Shallit (Waterloo, Canada)


Department of Computer Science, Kiel University

For questions please contact the organisers at the e-mail address

SPECIAL SESSIONS (and organisers):

Approximation and Optimisation — Organisers: Leah Epstein (Haifa),
Klaus Jansen (Kiel)
Bioinformatics and Bio-inspired Computing — Organisers: Andre Franke
(Kiel), Victor Mitrana (Bucharest)
Computing with Imperfect Information — Organisers: Tim McNicholl
(Iowa), Mariya Soskova (Wisconsin-Madison)
Continuous Computation — Organisers: Ulrich Berger (Swansea), Dieter
Spreen (Siegen)
History and Philosophy of Computing — Organisers: Liesbeth de Mol
(Lille), Giuseppe Primiero (Middlesex)
SAT-Solving — Organisers: Vijay Ganesh (Waterloo), Olaf Beyersdorff (Leeds)

The speakers of the special sessions will be announced soon.


Eric Allender (Rutgers), Arnold Beckmann (Swansea), Marco Benini
(Insubria), Olaf Beyersdorff (Leeds), Patricia Bouyer (Paris),
Alessandra Carbone (Paris), Barbara Csima (Waterloo), Anuj Dawar
(Cambridge), Henning Fernau (Trier), Ekaterina Fokina (Vienna), Peter
Høyer (Calgary), Georgiana Ifrim (Dublin), Lila Kari (Waterloo), Elham
Kashefi (Edinburgh), Karen Lange (Wellesley), Benedikt Löwe
(Amsterdam), Barnaby Martin (Durham), Florin Manea (Kiel), Klaus Meer
(Cottbus), Russell Miller (New York, co-chair), Angelo Montanari
(Udine), Andrey Morozov (Novosibirsk), Anca Muscholl (Bordeaux), Dirk
Nowotka (Kiel, co-chair), Arno Pauly (Bruxelles), Isabella Peters
(Kiel), Giuseppe Primiero (Middlesex), Henning Schnoor (Kiel), Monika
Seisenberger (Swansea), Shinnosuke Seki (Tokyo), Mariya Soskova
(Wisconsin–Madison), Raymond Turner (Essex), Peter Van Emde Boas
(Amsterdam), Heribert Vollmer (Hannover).


The CiE conferences serve as an interdisciplinary forum for research
in all aspects
of computability, foundations of computer science, logic, and
theoretical computer science, as well as the interplay of these areas
with practical issues in computer science and with other disciplines
such as biology, mathematics, philosophy, or physics.

The PROGRAMME COMMITTEE cordially invites all researchers (European
and non-European) to submit their papers in all areas related to the
above for presentation at the conference and inclusion in the
proceedings at .

Papers must be submitted in PDF format, using the LNCS style
(available at
and should have a maximum of 10 pages, including references but
excluding a possible appendix in which one can include proofs and
other additional material. Papers building bridges between different
parts of the research community are particularly welcome.

The CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS will be published by LNCS, Springer Verlag.


Continuing the tradition of past CiE conferences, in addition to the
formal presentations based on the LNCS proceedings volume, CiE 2018
will host a track of informal presentations, that are prepared very
shortly before the conference and inform the participants about
current research and work in progress. The deadline for the submission
of abstracts for informal presentations is May 1st, 2018.


We are very happy to announce that within the framework of the Women
in Computability programme, sponsored by ACM-Women, we are able to
offer four grants of up to 250 EUR for junior female researchers who
want to participate in CiE 2018. Applications for this grant should be
sent to Liesbeth De Mol,, before 15 May
2018 and include a short cv (at most 2 pages) and contact information
for an academic reference. Preference will be given to junior female
researchers who are presenting a paper (including informal
presentations) at CiE 2018.

HaPoC Grants | Commission for the History and Philosophy of Computing

The HaPoc Council is happy to announce the availability of two HAPOC
travel grants of 250USD each to support participation to the
conference. To be eligible for a grant, a paper or informal
presentation in the area of history and/or philosophy of computing
accepted at CiE 2018 is required. In order to apply for a grant,
please send the following details to cv, the paper or
informal presentation submitted, accompanied by the acceptance email,
a detailed budget indicating any other funding possibilities (if

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