Friday, March 3, 2023

[DMANET] Full Professor position in Mathematical Programming and Discrete Structures

A professor position is open at the University of Paris-Dauphine this
year. The recruited person will be attached to the research laboratory
LAMSADE in the "Combinatorial
Optimization and Algorithms" team.
The research profile is primarily focused on the project "Mathematical
Programming and Discrete Structures" of LAMSADE. This project concerns
in particular the development of efficient methods to formulate, analyze
and solve difficult combinatorial optimization problems. All excellent
applications related to the themes of the project "Mathematical
Programming and Discrete Structures" are welcome. In addition, the
selection committee will favorably consider applications that will be
able to bring a new dimension to the "Mathematical Programming and
Discrete Structures" project while making the link with its current themes.

The main teaching needs are in the following areas: algorithms and
advanced programming, mathematical programming, advanced object
programming, computability and complexity, data analysis, networks and
possibly machine learning.

The application deadline is March 30, 2023.

The details of the position (research and teaching profiles, contacts)
can be found at the following address:

Applications are subject to eligibility constraints. Please contact for more details.

Cristina Bazgan

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