Monday, September 6, 2010

[DMANET] Mini-course positional games at CWI Amsterdam, tue 14 and wed 15 sept

Dear DMANET-subscribers,

I would like to draw your attention to the mini-course on positional
games by Milos Stojakovic
on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 September, 14:00-16:00, room L017, CWI
Amsterdam (abstract below)..
All are wellcome.
If you plan to attend and do not have access to the CWI building
please e-mail me beforehand.

Apologies for cross-postings

best regards,

Tobias Müller

Introduction to positional games

Positional games are a class in the wide spectrum of combinatorial
games. Their main characteristic is a simple basic concept, but at the
same time, in contrast to most of the other combinatorial games, a
non-trivial theory supporting them. The scientific community working
in positional games has witnessed a rapid expansion lately, and there
are plenty of new topics in the area.

We are going to introduce the positional games from scratch, no
prerequisites are required. The several variants of the rules will be
discussed, like the so-called strong games, Maker-Breaker games,
Avoider-Enforcer games. Then, we will delve into the topic, looking at
some classical results, their proofs, typical strategies and methods
used. Positional games can be played on any discrete structure, but
our main target will be the games played on the edges of graphs. We
will be able to reach and discuss some recent results and current open
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