Friday, September 10, 2010

[DMANET] MIPLIB2010 - submission deadline

Dear colleagues.

Since its first release in 1992, the MIPLIB has become a standard test set
used to compare the performance of mixed integer linear optimization software
and to evaluate the computational performance of newly developed algorithms
and solution techniques. MIPLIB2010 will be the fifth edition of the Mixed-
Integer Programming LIBrary.

To continue the diversity and quality standards of the previous editions, we
are looking for interesting and challenging (mixed-)integer linear problems
from all fields of Operations Research and Combinatorial Optimization, ideally
ones which have been built to model real life problems. By now, we are
especially interested in benchmarking instances, i.e., problems that take
between 15 minutes and two hours to solve.

Find the submission webpage at

The submission deadline will be the 1st October 2010. We are looking forward
to your contributions.

Thanks and best regards,
Timo Berthold on behalf of the MIPLIB comittee (see webpage)
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