Tuesday, March 22, 2022

[DMANET] Ph. D. positions in Cryptography and Blockchains at UNSW, Sydney

*Ph. D. positions in Cryptography and Blockchains at UNSW, Sydney*

We are looking for motivated Ph. D. students to work with us on Applied
Cryptography and Blockchain problems at the School of Computer Science and
Engineering, UNSW, Sydney. Some topics are (but not limited to ) :

- (Verifiable ) Computation and Search on Encrypted Data
- Secure Decentralized Storage
- Post Quantum Cryptography for Blockchains
- Securing the Internet against Quantum Attacks
- Layer-2 scaling solutions for Blockchains
- Interoperability of Blockchains
- Attacks on Blockchains and Defences
- Applications such as Cloud Security, IoT security/Privacy, privacy
preserving analytics

Prospective students are expected to have mathematical inclination and
strong background in data structures, discrete mathematics and algorithms.
Candidates with knowledge of cryptography (such as completion of
undergraduate/graduate course or research project) will be preferred.

Open to students who have completed a bachelor's degree or a master's
degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or a related discipline. Candidates
in their final year of study are welcome to apply.

Students will be working in a supportive and collegial environment within
the Cybersecurity/Theory groups in the School of Computer Science and
Engineering in UNSW, Sydney.

UNSW, Sydney is one of the founding members of Group of Eight, a coalition
of Australian research-intensive universities and ranks within the Top 50
universities in the world.

Kensington Campus where we are based is around 6 km from Sydney CBD, 2 Km
from the nearest beach, and 8 Km from Sydney International Airport. Sydney
has been constantly ranked among the most livable cities of the world.
Sydney is a nature lover's paradise with beautiful beaches, and vast
stretches of national parks.

*The next application deadline is May 13, 2021. *

Interested students are welcome to contact Dr. Sushmita Ruj at



Sushmita Ruj

Senior Lecturer

School of Computer Science and Engineering

University of New South Wales, Sydney

Kensington, NSW 2052

Email: sushmita.ruj@unsw.edu.au


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