Friday, May 26, 2023

[DMANET] Call for contributions/participation: Congestion Games Workshop at ICALP 2023

*** Congestion Games Workshop at ICALP 2023 ***
Date: Monday, July 10, 2023
Location: ICALP Conference Site, University of Paderborn
Registration for ICALP and/or ICALP Workshops:
Registration of talks:

Over the last decades, congestion games have played a staring role in the study of non-cooperative resource allocation. They are expressive enough to model many real-world applications where resources are scarse and there is competition for their use. For example, congestion games can be used to model the allocation of airport gates or highway lanes during peak travel times.

The Congestion Games Workshop<> at ICALP 2023<> provides a forum for presenting and discussing recent advances and key challenges in congestion games and beyond. It will bring together researchers working on different aspects of congestion games and foster collaborations also with the wider TCS community.

To participate, register for ICALP workshops at the ICALP registration website<>. To give a talk at the workshop, enter the relevant information in the following google form<> until June 2, 2023. Talks will be approximately 30min. Questions can be directed to<>, or to the other organizers.

Martin Gairing<> (University of Liverpool)
Max Klimm<> (TU Berlin)
Dario Paccagnan<> (Imperial College London)

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