Monday, December 3, 2012

[DMANET] Colloquium on Mathematical Optimization

Colloquium Mathematical Optimization
18 and 19 January 2013
University of Trier, Germany

From 1995 to 2002, the University of Trier has hosted the graduate
school (Graduiertenkolleg) "Mathematical Optimization". 18 years after
its inception this school has come of age, and it has been very
successful, as more than a dozen of its former members are now university
professors, and many others have made successful careers in industry.
The colloquium will celebrate this anniversary. Speakers related to the
graduate school will give insights to current topics in optimization,
both in academia and outside.

Invited Speakers:
P. Gritzmann (Munich), C. Meinel (Potsdam), A. Martin (Erlangen),
M. Fahl (Honeywell), F. Leibfritz (FERNBACH-Software International),
M. Gugat (Erlangen), F. Jarre (Duesseldorf), D. Prangenberg (Linde AG),
A. Sartenaer (Namur), O. Stein (KIT), T. Theobald (Frankfurt),
M. Wiegelmann (Bayerische Landesbank)

Registration and further information: see workshop website

Organizers: Sven de Vries and Mirjam Duer (Trier)

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