Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[DMANET] PhD positions at SUTD

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Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to bring to your attention some excellent opportunities
for bright and motivated students that you may know who would want to
pursue PhD study at the newly established Singapore University of
Technology and Design (SUTD) within the Engineering Systems and Design
(ESD) Pillar.

SUTD has been established in collaboration with MIT with a mission to
advance knowledge and nurture technically grounded leaders and
innovators to serve societal needs. The university's programs are
based on four pillars, each leading to a separate degree program, with
ESD being one of the four. Professor Thomas Magnanti, former Dean of
Engineering at MIT (and former President of INFORMS), is the Founding
President of SUTD. Saif Benjaafar, Distinguished McKnight University
Professor and former Director of Industrial & Systems Engineering at
the University of Minnesota, is the Founding Head of the ESD Pillar.

The faculty in ESD is growing rapidly with a steady-state target of
over 70 faculty members, making it one of the largest such
multidisciplinary programs in the world, blending the fields of
operations research, management science, applied probability and
statistics, applied mathematics, and decision sciences. Our faculty
comes from the very best universities in the world, including MIT,
Stanford, Cambridge, and Cornell, and represent diverse nationalities.

The ESD PhD program aims to produce the next generation of leading
engineering systems researchers and thinkers. We provide students with
a strong technical foundation that emphasizes inter-disciplinary and
collaborative research. The program is mentoring-intensive with a
unique flexible advising structure that allows students to work with
multiple faculty members and vice-versa. Qualified PhD applicants are
offered highly attractive financial packages covering tuition, a
monthly stipend and support for conference and workshop travel.
Additional information about SUTD and the ESD Pillar may be found at Inquiries can be sent to

Based in one of the world's biggest financial and technological hubs,
with an ever-growing academic community, and a culturally diverse and
vibrant population, the ESD PhD program at SUTD offers exceptional PhD
pursuant candidates a world-class education. We would be most grateful
if you could forward this information to potential PhD applicants.

With best regards,

The ESD Pillar at SUTD
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