Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[DMANET] Call for INFORMS Optimization Society Prize Nominations, due June 30, 2013

The INFORMS Optimization Society awards four prizes annually at the
INFORMS annual meeting. We seek nominations for each of them, due by
June 30, 2013. Each of the four awards includes a cash amount of US$
1,000 and a citation certificate. The award winners will be invited to
give a presentation in a special session sponsored by the Optimization
Society during the INFORMS annual meeting in Minneapolis, MN in
October 2013 (the winners will be responsible for their own travel
expenses to the meeting). Award winners are also asked to contribute
an article about their award-winning work to the annual Optimization
Society newsletter. The four awards are listed below with links to
more information about them. For each award, nominations and
inquiries should be sent directly via email to the chair of the
corresponding prize committee.

Khachiyan Prize
* Awarded for outstanding lifetime contributions to the field of
optimization by an individual or team.
* 2013 Committee Chair: Jorge Nocedal ( nocedal@eecs.northwestern.edu)
* Other committee members: Michael Todd, Jean-Philippe Vial, Laurence Wolsey
* https://www.informs.org/Community/Optimization-Society/Optimization-Society-Prizes/Khachiyan-Prize

Farkas Prize
* Awarded for outstanding contributions by a mid-career researcher to
the field of optimization, over the course of their career.
* 2013 Committee Chair: Dimitris Bertsimas ( dbertsim@mit.edu )
* Other committee members: George Nemhauser, Yurii Nesterov, Yinyu Ye
* http://www.informs.org/Community/Optimization-Society/Optimization-Society-Prizes/Farkas-Prize

Prize for Young Researchers
* Awarded to one or more young researcher(s) for an outstanding paper
in optimization that is submitted to and accepted, or published in a
refereed professional journal.
* 2013 Committee Chair: Alper Atamturk ( atamturk@berkeley.edu )
* Other committee members: Samuel Burer, Andrzej Ruszczynski,
Nikolaos Sahinidis
* http://www.informs.org/Community/Optimization-Society/Optimization-Society-Prizes/Young-Researchers

Student Paper Prize
* Awarded to one or more student(s) for an outstanding paper in
optimization that is submitted to and received or published in a
refereed professional journal within three calendar years preceding
the year of the award.
* 2013 Committee Chair: Simge Kucukyavuz ( kucukyavuz.2@osu.edu )
* Other committee members: Santanu S. Dey, Guanghui Lan
* http://www.informs.org/Community/Optimization-Society/Optimization-Society-Prizes/Student-Paper-Prize

Jim Luedtke, Assistant Professor
Secretary/Treasurer, INFORMS Optimization Society
Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison
3236 Mechanical Engineering Building
1513 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706
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