Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Call for Papers
Middle-European Conference on Applied Theoretical Computer Science

Koper, Slovenia, October 10th and 11th, 2013.

Held in conjunction with the 16th Multi-Conference on Information
Society, October 7-11, 2013, Ljubljana, Slovenia. (http://is.ijs.si/)

Scope and Topics
During the past years, other fields have used several subjects,
methods and approaches of Theoretical Computer Science, and several
results have been integrated into practical applications. Solutions
for NP-hard problems, algorithmic-oriented AI and data mining
procedures, new models and methods in system biology and
bioinformatics, automata theory approaches in software and hardware
verification, prospective new models of computation and future
computer architecture are good examples to buttress the above

We set double aims as the scope of this conference: on one hand side
we expect ideas and solutions from the field of Theoretical Computer
Science which have been directly applied in real world
applications. On the other side we want to collect theoretical results
based on some fruitful idea that may be useful to adopt for practical

Suggested, but not exclusive, topics of interest include:
- Automata and formal languages, computability,
- Algorithms and data structures,
- Computational complexity,
- Artificial intelligence, machine learning,
- Optimization, approximation methods, NP-hard problems,
- Graph theory.

There is a special emphasis on use in applications such as simulation,
bioinformatics, digital signal and image processing, logistics etc.

Program Committee
Andrej Brodnik (Ljubljana, Koper, Slovenia), co-chair
Gábor Galambos (Szeged, Hungary), co-chair
Gabriel Istrate (Timisoara, Romania)
Hans Kellerer (Graz, Austria)
Miklós Krész (Szeged, Hungary)
Silvano Martello (Bologna, Italy)
Gerhard Reinelt (Heidelberg, Germany)
Jiři Sgall (Prag, Czech Republic)
Magnus Steinby (Turku, Finland)
Borut Žalik (Maribor, Slovenia)

Keynote speaker
Silvano Martello (Bologna, Italy)

Paper submission

Papers presenting original research in conference topics are being
sought. Papers must be in English and provide sufficient details to
allow the program committee to assess their merits. Submissions, as
well as final versions, are limited to 4 pages sharp and will be
published in an Information Society multicon-ference proceeding.
Revised versions of full papers will appear in post-conference
proceedings published by the University of Primorska Press.
Instructions for preparing the papers can be downloaded from
Conference Website.

Only electronic submissions will be accepted (in pdf format), via

Important dates
Paper submission: July 14th, 2013.
Notification: September 1st, 2013.

Website and Contacts

More detailed on-line information is at http://matcos.iam.upr.si/en/.
Personal inquires should be sent to matcos13@iam.upr.si.

Organized by University of Primorska, Institute Andrej Marušič, and
Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies.

Andrej (Andy) Brodnik

University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Computer and Information Science

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