Thursday, April 12, 2018

[DMANET] Spring School SGT 2018 (School on Graph Theory) , Sète (France), June 11-15

Dear All,

The Spring School SGT 2018 (School on Graph Theory) will take place on June
11-15, 2018, at Sète (France). It will be dedicated to both combinatorial
and algorithmic aspects of graph theory. Four courses are planned on the
following topics:
- Orientations of planar graphs with applications, by Stefan Felsner (TU
- Input-sensitive enumerations, by Petr Golovach (Univ. Bergen).
- Ideas for approximation algorithms: Matchings, Edge-colorings and the
Travelling Salesman, by András Sebő (G-SCOP, Grenoble).
- Enumerational approach and concepts in theoretical computer science and
engineering, by Takeaki Uno (NII, Tokyo).

*Registrations are now open* at

*Early registrations* before May 4.

Note that according to the strike schedule, *the school will not suffer
from SNCF strikes !*
We are waiting for your participation.

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