Tuesday, May 22, 2018

[DMANET] HIGHLIGHTS 2018: 1st Call for Presentations

HIGHLIGHTS 2018: 6th annual conference on Highlights of LOGIC, GAMES, and

18-21 September 2018, TU Berlin


+ Submission deadline: 13 JUNE, 5pm GMT
+ Notification: 22 JUNE

+ ErichFest: Symposium to Celebrate Erich Grädel's 60th Birthday, 17
+ Workshop on the Theory of Regular Cost Functions and Beyond, 21 September


HIGHLIGHTS 2018 is the 6th conference on Highlights of Logic, Games, and
Automata that aims to integrate the diverse research community working in
the areas of Logic and Finite Model Theory, Automata Theory, and Games for
Logic and Verification. Individual papers are dispersed across many
conferences, which makes them challenging to follow. A visit to the annual
Highlights conference offers a wide picture of the latest research in the
field and a chance to meet and interact with most of the members of the
research community. We encourage you to present your best recent work at
Highlights, whether already published elsewhere or not.

The conference is short (from 19 September to the mid-day on 21 September)
and it is preceded by the Highlights Tutorial Day (18 September). The
participation costs are modest and Berlin is easy to reach.

The Contributed Presentations will be around ten minutes long. All
speakers will be also invited to contribute to a Poster Session, which will
open new ways of interaction at the conference for the whole Highlights

+ Andrei Bulatov, The Complexity of Constraints: Dichotomies and Beyond
+ Nicole Schweikardt, Constant Delay Enumeration of Query Results
+ James Worrell, Algebraic Invariants for Affine Programs

+ Amir Abboud, Fine-Grained Complexity and Hardness in P
+ Christoph Berkholz, Interactions Between Proof Complexity and Finite
Model Theory
+ Joost-Pieter Katoen, Principles of Probabilistic Programming

+ Chair: Christel Baier, Multi-Objective Reasoning in Probabilistic Models
+ Chair: Martin Grohe, Logic and Learning

+ Stéphane Gaubert, Nonarchimedean Convex Programming and Its Relation to
Mean-Payoff Games
+ Laura Kovács, Symbol Elimination for Program Analysis
+ Jan Křetínský, A Journey from LTL to Your Favourite Automaton
+ Amaury Pouly, Continuous Models of Computation: Computability,
Complexity, Universality
+ Jeffrey Shallit, Finite Automata and Additive Number Theory

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