Wednesday, May 23, 2018

[DMANET] IWOCA Call for Open Problems

Call for open problem suggestions for the IWOCA open problems session

Since its earliest gatherings, the International Workshop on Combinatorial
Algorithms (IWOCA) has had collaborative problem solving as an essential part of
its meetings. During and after the conference, open problems are collected and
documented on the IWOCA homepage: <>

Following an established tradition, there will be an Open Problem Session
during the next IWOCA:
29th International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (IWOCA 2018)
Singapore, July 16–19, 2018 <>

We would like to invite also colleagues who cannot attend the IWOCA
workshop to suggest open problems. If you have a problem you are willing
to share with the community, and that fits into the scope of IWOCA, you are
welcome to send it to us, the two chairs of the open problem section

Gabriele Fici (gabriele.fici AT <>)
Dalibor Froncek (dfroncek AT <>)

Our goal is to publish each problem in the form of 1-2 page PDFs, that also
provide some background information and references for the problems, like
here: <>

Please be ready to put your problem into this format if we ask you to.
We are looking forward to your suggestions,

Gabriele Fici & Dalibor Froncek
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