Friday, October 19, 2018

[DMANET] Workshop on Parallel Optimization Algorithms at Zuse Institute Berlin, January 14-16, 2019

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce a workshop on parallel algorithms in
mathematical optimization from

January 14 to 16, 2019

held at Zuse Institute Berlin, see

The workshop will be centered around the Ubiquity Generator (UG)
framework, which has proven an powerful tool for creating a multitude of
parallel branch-and-bound solvers both for shared-memory environments
and on high-performance super computers. The workshop has several goals:

- showcase current applications of UG,

- collect feedback from current and potential users and requirements for
future features,

- give a hands-on tutorial on how to use the UG framework to parallelize
your own branch-and-bound code and how to improve its performance.

More generally, we wish to

- discuss open questions at the interface of high-performance computing
and tree search algorithms, as well as

- discuss challenges and best practices for sustainably developing,
distributing, and maintaining research software.

In this sense, the workshop also highly welcomes a wider audience of
researchers and software developers working in this area and interested
in presenting their research and implementations.

Registration is free. If you want to attend the workshop, please write
to by

November 30, 2018

and let us know if you are interested in giving a talk.
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