Wednesday, November 28, 2018

[DMANET] ICALP 2019 - Final Call for Workshops

ICALP 2019 - Final Call for Workshops

ICALP 2019, 8-12 July, Patras, Greece

Workshops affiliated with ICALP 2019 will be held on Monday, 8 July (before the main
conference), see for more details.

We invite proposals of workshops related to any of the three tracks of ICALP, as well
as other areas of theoretical computer science. To submit a proposal, contact us at<> and<> not later than 15 December 2018. Because of
the limited capacity of the venue, we might not be able to accept all proposals.

In your mail, please provide the following information about your intended workshop:

- workshop's name and organizers

- whether you plan a half-day or full-day event and an estimated number of participants

- the format: Standard options are either an invitation only workshop or a workshop with
regular submissions. For submissions, we suggest a unified submission date a week after the
ICALP 2019 notification and notification date about a week before early registration ends.
Other formats are also possible, in that case please specify your proposal.

We expect that the workshops will be financially independent, we also expect that the
organizers will take care of the proceedings / abstract books themselves. In particular,
we cannot cover any expenses of the workshop invited speakers, if there are any. Any such
expenses would need to be covered from independent sources.

There will be a workshop fee (on top of the ICALP fee), to cover lunch, coffee breaks and
the usual local support.

ICALP 2019 Organizing Committee

Efstratios Gallopoulos
John Garofalakis
Christos Kaklamanis
Sotiris Nikoletseas (Conference Co-Chair)
Christos Zaroliagis (Conference Co-Chair)

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