Tuesday, February 19, 2019

[DMANET] CIMPA Research school on graphs , Algorithms and randomness

CIMPA Research School and Workshop on

Graphs , Algorithms and Randomness

will be held this years from June 15 to June 22 at Faculty of
mathematical Sciences ,university of Tabriz , Tabriz .Iran .

Tabriz city is the second oldest city in Iran , So old that is origins are
shrouded in legend , and the city and its environs contain a number of
historic attractions and surrounded by colorful mountain . also , Tabriz
is in the north west of Iran and near the border of 3 countries( Turkey
, Azerbaijan, Armenia ).

we have 6 main courses in this school:

Course 1: "Colouring problems on oriented graphs", Eric SOPENA (LaBRI,
Bordeaux University, France)
Course 2: "Efficient graph algorithms and applications", Michel HABIB
(IRIF-Paris 7, France)
Course 3: "Distributed Network Computing", Pierre FRAIGNIAUD (CNRS,
IRIF-Paris 7, France)
Course 4: "Power of randomness in algorithms and complexity", Frederic
MAGNIEZ (CNRS, IRIF-Paris 7, France)
Course 5: "Decoding algorithms for codes based on random graphs", Omid
ETESAMI (Researcher at IPM, Tehran-Iran)
Course 6: "Random tiling and perfect matching, Cédric Boutillier (Sorbonne
Université ,France)

CIMPA Institute support PhD student , Fresh PhD and Postdocs from
developing countries to participate in this schools . For travel grant
please apply via the following link :(deadline is March 5)

for more information and registration please visit our school website :

Best Wishes from the school Administrative and scientific coordinators ,

Afshin Behmaram ( behmarammath@gmail.com )

Reza Naser Asr( reza@irif.fr )

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