Monday, March 25, 2019

[DMANET] [2019-01373 - PhD Position F/M [Sub - 2019] - Parallel Gray-box Optimization for Large-scale Problem Solving] Publication de l'offre d'emploi

Dear Colleagues, please help to disseminate this offer of PhD grant.


Title: Parallel Gray-box Optimization for Large-scale Problem Solving

Location: Inria Lille - Nord Europe

Keywords: Optimization; Evolutionary algorithms; Parallel and distributed computing; Gray-Box Optimization; Machine learning.

Abstract: The goal of this PhD is to foster the next generation of large-scale parallel optimizers, by contributing to the design of advanced algorithms attacking big gray-box optimization problems and to set up an innovative and solid fundamental understanding of their characteristics, while exploiting the power offered by modern parallel computing platforms.
The successful candidate will be part of the BONUS team at Inria Lille, and will eventually collaborate with a number of international and highly recognized researcher partners with whom the team is actively working, e.g., in the USA, UK, Japan, Hong Kong. More information about the international research environment can be provided on-demand.

Skills: Candidates with the following skills will be preferred:
Fluent English, excellent communication skills, keen to team working
Good background in (combinatorial) optimization and/or evolutionary algorithms
Good background in parallel and distributed computing
Background in graph theory and machine learning
Good experience in programming

Applications: To apply, the following is mandatory: CV + application letter + recommendation letters + references + school transcripts
Prior to application, it is recommended to contact :,,

Candidates must apply via the INRIA common platform on the link:

Supervisor: B. Derbel (University of Lille, France)
Co-Supervisors: O. Abdelkafi (University of Lille, France), A. Liefooghe (University of Lille, France)
Team: BONUS (CRIStAL - CNRS UMR 9189 / Inria Lille - Nord Europe)

Restaurant facilities
Partially-reimbursed public transport
other Inria common facilities

Remuneration: Subject to Inria regulation:
1st and 2nd year : 1593.50€ Net monthly salary (after taxes)
3rd year : 1676.31€ Net monthly salary (after taxes)

Deadline: Application must be submitted as soon as possible (hard deadline by April 22, 2019).


Associate Professor,
BONUS research group,
CRIStAL (CNRS UMR 9189) — Inria Lille - Nord Europe,
University of Lille — Faculty of Science and Technology — Computer Science Department.

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