Tuesday, March 26, 2019

[DMANET] Post-doctoral position at ISEN Rennes (France) on Artificial Intelligence

Yncréa Ouest/ISEN is a French major engineering school, specialized in
digital sectors, recognized by the Ministry of Education and accredited
by the CTI (French national engineering qualification board). The
mission of our dedicated teaching and administrative team is to provide
students with a 5-year general engineering qualification, specializing
in digital technologies.

Based in Brest (700 students), Nantes (120 students) and Rennes (30
students), our 3 campuses offer engineering programs in embedded
electronics, Internet of Things, mobile robotics, artificial
intelligence, business engineering, bio technologies, energy and
sustainable development. Our school has experienced/registered a strong
growth for a few years.

With more than 30 members, our research laboratory L@bISEN focuses on
smart and autonomous systems (information processing and decision,
sensors network, energy). Our laboratory is most dynamic, with
publications in top-ranked journals. In this context, we are recruiting
a postdoctoral fellow for 24 months in Rennes in the field of artificial

The work consists in contributing to the development of a system which
can extract some relevant information for studying the behavior of a
people or a group of people. The information is acquired from multimodal
sensors (images from optical camera, sensors such as accelerometers,
thermometers, pressure sensors…) and is processed to extract relevant
information (fall detection for elderly, suspicious activities to
prevent terrorism…). The work will consist in delimiting some simple
scenarios with different sensors, then to test and validate, and to
complexify the scenarios by bringing new sensors and new kind of
information in order to be able to trigger alerts related to the
behavior. The candidate will focus on applying artificial intelligence
methods on the existing data and evaluate the extracted information.

The candidate holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science,
Applied Mathematics or a related discipline. She/he should be
independent in organizing their work, a spirit of initiative and
creativity. A taste for teaching is also an appreciated skill for the
position (some lectures to our students could be proposed). This
position is funded by the Brittany region (SAD). The candidate must have
spent at least 18 months outside France during the last 3 years. The
post-doctoral position may be converted into a full-time
research/teaching position in our institution at the end of the contract.

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter before June, 30th 2019
to Dr. Matthieu Saumard, matthieu.saumard@isen-ouest.yncrea.fr and Dr.
Michaël Aron, michael.aron@isen-ouest.yncrea.fr

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