Monday, June 24, 2019

[DMANET] 1 year postdoc at LIX and L2S, Saclay, France

1 Year Postdoc at LIX (Polytechnique) and L2S (Centrale-Supelec), France

We are looking for a candidate for a one-year non-renewable postdoctoral
position over a joint DigiCosme-funded project between the Laboratoire
d'Informatique de l'Ecole Polytechnique (LIX) and the Laboratoire des
Signaux et Systemes a Centrale-Supelec (L2S), both on the plateau de
Saclay, France (a 1h commuter train ride from Paris).

The project is titled "SparseWars. Episode II: Parsimony Battles". The
broad topic is compressed sensing. We want to find out whether (and how)
random projections can help solve recovery problems faster, in the
framework of basis pursuit and sparse coding.

An approximate estimation of the net monthly salary is 2200EUR/month (this
estimation was obtained using <>). The
recruitment has to be finalized by 31st dec 2019.

See <!NhEDSa7T!whl6oYHvVVyMrErJ22maHB2YBNtxTYxQNJtUGTBtFpg>
for more details.

All queries to be directed to <>. In order to apply,
send a single PDF containing: (i) academic (long) CV with list of
publications; (ii) motivation letter. Make sure you mention your academic
website with downloadable publications in your CV/motivation letter.

Matthieu Kowalski, LS2
Leo Liberti, CNRS LIX

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