Wednesday, June 19, 2019

[DMANET] Postdoc position on Verification of Network Protocols at Aalborg University (Denmark)

Postdoc position on Verification of Network Protocols at Aalborg University

We are looking for a highly motivated researcher with interest in formal
and their application to verification of computer networks in order to join
a project
on "Quantitative Analysis and Synthesis of Network Protocols" funded by the
Independent Research Fund, Denmark. The goal of this project is to
advance the state-of-the-art of automatic network analysis and synthesis,
with a particular focus on accounting for the possibility of failures and
supporting efficient what-if analysis, as well as for the quantitative
consequences on quality-of-service.

Applicants are required to demonstrate strong background and understanding
formal methods and in particular model checking and show willingness to
these methods to the domain of computer networks. An experience with
systems and programming skills are an advantage. The postdoc is expected to
independent research, collaborate with team members, and help with the
of PhD and MSc students as appropriate.

The project is led by prof. Jiri Srba (Aalborg University) in collaboration
with prof. Stefan Schmid (Vienna University), prof. Kim G. Larsen (Aalborg
University) and assoc. prof. Nate Foster (Cornell University). A part of
the position will be sponsored by ERC advanced grant LASSO of Kim G. Larsen.
The postdoc will have the possibility for a number of short term visits to
University in order to strengthen the collaboration between Aalborg and

For an idea of the research conducted within the project, you may have a
look at:

* P-Rex: Fast Verification of MPLS Networks with Multiple Link Failures

* Polynomial-Time What-If Analysis for Prefix-Manipulating MPLS Networks

The position is for the duration of 2 years with the option of limited
duties within the area. The postdoc must have obtained a PhD degree before
the appointment day. The salary will be in accordance with the collective
agreement for state-employed academics.

The deadline for the application is on August 2nd, 2019 with the employment
(after agreement) shortly after. The applications must be submited
at this link:

For further information about the project, the conditions of the employment
and life in Denmark contact prof. Jiri Srba at email

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