Wednesday, June 5, 2019

[DMANET] FoPSS'19 Summer School on Nominal Techniques

FoPPS 2019: Nominal Techniques
3rd Summer School on Foundations of Programming and Software Systems

10-15 September, Warsaw, Poland

The 2019 Alonzo Church Award will be given to M. J. Gabbay
and A. M. Pitts for their ground-breaking work on nominal sets.

Do you want to learn what that was about?

Come to FoPSS 2019!

The Summer School on Foundations of Programming and Software
Systems (FoPSS) was jointly created by EATCS, ETAPS, ACM SIGLOG
and ACM SIGPLAN. It was first organised in 2017. The goal is
to introduce the participants to various aspects of computation theory
and programming languages. The school, spread over a single week,
is aimed at students and researchers in Theoretical Computer Science,
broadly construed. Each year the school is focused on a particular,
actively researched topic.

Our focus in 2019 are Nominal Techniques in Computer Science.
For the introduction and cornerstone contributions to this area
Murdoch J. Gabbay and Andrew M. Pitts received the 2019 Alonzo Church
Award. Both of them are among the lecturers of FoPSS 2019.

The scientific programme of the school is available from our website:

Registration for the event will open soon.
Please mark the dates in your calendar!

Highlights 2019: 7th annual conference on Highlights of Logic,
Games and Automata
17-20 September
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