Wednesday, December 16, 2015

[DMANET] CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - Highlights of Algorithms - HALG 2016

Highlights of Algorithms - HALG 2016
June 6-8, 2016, Paris, France

Nominations deadline: January 3, 2016

The Highlights of Algorithms conference is designed to be a forum for
presenting the highlights of recent developments in algorithms and for
discussing potential further advances in this area. The conference will
provide a broad picture of the latest research in algorithms through a
series of survey and invited talks, as well as possibility for all
researchers and students to present their recent results through a
series of short talks and poster presentations. Attending the Highlights
of Algorithms conference will also be an opportunity for networking and
meeting leading researchers in algorithms.



The conference seeks nominations for invited talks that will highlight
recent and interesting algorithmic results.
To nominate please email the proposition of the speaker, topic/title of
the talk, as well as a short support note to the following address:
All nominations will be carefully reviewed by the program committee to
select speakers that will be invited to the conference.
Please, keep in mind that the conference does not provide financial
support for the speakers.
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