Thursday, February 10, 2022

[DMANET] 2nd Student Design Competition on Networked Computing on the Edge (CPS-IoT Week 2022)

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION – Second Student Design Competition on Networked
Computing on the Edge

Co-located with CPS-IoT Week 2022 <>

Milan, Italy May 3-6, 2022

Competition Website:

*What is this Competition?*

The 2nd student design competition on Networked Computing on the Edge
<> will be held at the CPS-IoT Week
<> in May 2022. This competition
invites student teams of all levels to develop and demonstrate innovative
projects on the topic of networked computing for edge applications.
Projects of integrated computing, control, and communication components on
the ground, underwater or air mobile platforms are welcomed. Topics of
interest include but are not limited to unmanned aerial vehicle networks,
urban aerial mobility, autonomous driving, edge computing, and
human-machine interfaces.


Teams must develop solutions using embedded platforms of advanced computing
capabilities. Each team should consist of no more than five members
including faculty mentors. The organizers can provide embedded hardware
solutions built on Jetson TX2 and related hardware and software technical
support to participating teams.

*Submission Guidelines:*

· Teams are required to submit a project proposal including project
title, abstract, team members and advisor(s) to to
register for the competition. The abstract should state the objective,
approach, novelty and impact, and is limited to 300 words. The registration
deadline is *February 24, 2022*.

· The registered teams will submit the final product by *April 17,
2022* including
a poster and a pre-recorded video of their presentation.

· At the conference, each team will make a live presentation or play
the recorded video, followed by Q&A.

*Evaluation criteria:*

The evaluation committee will select winners and honorable mentions based
on the following criteria:

· Quality of the design (relevance, completeness, novelty, and
performance) – 50%

· Quality of the presentation (poster, video/live presentation, and
Q&A) – 40%

· Impact of application (societal or economical values) – 10%


Shengli Fu, University of Texas at Arlington (Email:

Junfei Xie, San Diego State University (Email:

Roberto Valenti, MathWorks (Email:

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