Sunday, February 13, 2022

[DMANET] Creative Mathematical Sciences Communication (CMSC'22) Bergen, Norway April 20--23


APRIL 20 -- 23, 2022 in BERGEN, NORWAY


Person - to - Person. (Not virtual, not hybrid.)


Join scientists, researchers, teachers and artists in developing new
ways of communicating mathematical and computational thinking, including
computing activities across the curriculum, at every level. Welcome are
contributions in art forms such as dance, art, theatre ... many ways to
communicate science to the public.

CMSC creates materials and learning scenarios to teach foundations of
computer science without using computers, following the Computer Science
Unplugged philosophy ( Modeling, clever information
representation, the design and analysis of algorithms, all have the
potential to unlock a great amount of creativity. Let's attract children
to open problems, to dare reach for gold. We aim to create more
activities as iconic as the Sorting Network.


The CMSC conference series has three aims.

(1) To create new ways of communicating computational thinking,
modelling, and algorithms and producing new activities with the
philosophy of "Computer Science Unplugged!"

(2) To encourage researchers to provide open problems from their area
that are accessible to authentic engagement by kids, and to explore ways
of mentoring their work.

(3) To CELEBRATE when outreach results in greater progress in science.
Outreach can be a two-way street.

It is also be valuable for young people to understand what the open,
unsolved problems are that researchers are pursuing, even when they are
beyond what the student is currently able to work on.

=== COST: There is no registration fee! ===

Space is limited so register soon.

Please bring your own experimental activities.
Describe how your outreach actions have contributed to your own
scientific research or teaching.

=== Schedule ===

• Wednesday 20 April. Conference begins. Buses depart the University of
Bergen at 8:00 am to go to the Solstrand Hotel for CMSC on
Wednesday/Thursday, with the Banquet at the Solstrand Hotel on Wednesday

• Thursday 21 April. Conference continues on a fjord trip back to the
University of Bergen (UiB).

• Friday 22 April. Parameterized Complexity research workshop at UiB.
Lunch with the Algorithms Group. Kidsacoding workshop for teachers.
Materials and space for ongoing discussions and preparing activities for
the Festival. An evening of mathematical theatre with Verena

• Saturday 23 April. All -Bergen Community Science Festival,
family-friendly activities, good food, science, technology and fun for
all ages. The CMSC participants will share the activities we create.

Special Mathematics and Dance Workshop by Karl Schaffer.

=== Program Committee ===

Sarah Carruthers, Program Committee Co-Chair (Vancouver Island Univ,
Max Bannach, Program Committee Co-Chair (University of Luebeck, Germany)
Laura Braun (Fosenskole, Norway)
Torstein Stromme (University of Bergen, Norway)

=== Scientific Committee ===

Frances Rosamond, University of Bergen, Norway (Chair)
Tim Bell, University of Canterbury
Sarah Carruthers, Vancouver Island University
Valentina Dagiene, Vilnius University
Michael Fellows, University of Bergen
Valia Mitsou, IRIF, Paris Diderot University
Jam Ramanujam, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India
Rudiger Reischuk, University of Luebeck
Matt Skoss, The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers,
Verena Specht-Ronique, Germany
Brett Stephenson, University of Tasmania
Małgorzata Bednarska-Bzdęga, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań

=== Venue ===

The workshop will be hosted at the University of Bergen, Norway with the
first two days and the night of April 20 at the famous, historic
Solstrand Hotel, with its heated swimming pools overlooking the fjord.


Contacts: (Chair)

Contact Marta Lopez for help with local arrangements.


Frances Rosamond, Professor
Department of Informatics
University of Bergen
Editor: Parameterized Complexity Newsletter
Editor: Parameterized Complexity wiki (
Parameter Implementation PACE (
President and CEO: Rosamond Computer Science Research and Education
Tel: (47) 481 54 905
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