Monday, March 20, 2023

[DMANET] The Copenhagen Summer of Counting & Algebraic Complexity

Announcement and Call for Participation
The Copenhagen Summer of Counting & Algebraic Complexity

from mid-May to September 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark


The Copenhagen Summer of Counting & Algebraic Complexity is an extended summer event that provides a meeting and collaboration space for researchers working on
- counting complexity,
- algebraic complexity,
- fine-grained and parameterized complexity, especially with connections to the above areas, and
- connections to quantum information theory.

Throughout the event, participation is possible as a visitor (1-8 weeks) or as a post-doc/researcher (for at least 3 months), with funding and continuation options. Meeting and office spaces are provided at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Local participants from Copenhagen and their main interests include:
- Radu Curticapean (organizer): counting & parameterized complexity, homomorphisms
- Nutan Limaye: algebraic complexity
- Thore Husfeldt: algebraic graph algorithms
- Paloma Thomé de Lima: graph width parameters
- Michael Kastoryano: quantum information theory & tensor networks
- Matthias Christandl: quantum information theory, tensor rank and networks
- Laura Mančinska: quantum information theory & homomorphisms
- David Earl Roberson: quantum information theory & homomorphisms
- Marcin Pilipczuk: parameterized algorithms & structural graph theory

Please consider the website for additional information.

Radu Curticapean <>
Dept. of Computer Science, IT University of Copenhagen

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