Friday, March 31, 2023

[DMANET] Recruiting Reg-Fr-AIMs Postdoc Fellow


We are recruiting a Post-doctoral Research Fellow to the Reg-Fr-AIMs

The position is based at University College Dublin's Natural Computing
Research & Applications Group ( in the area of
Artificial Intelligence. The Reg-Fr-AIMs project is a collaboration between
the teams of Prof Fergal Mc Caffery
Software Research Centre in Dundalk Institute of Technology) and Prof
Michael O'Neill (University College Dublin). At UCD the collaborating
faculty and doctoral supervisory team includes Dr Annunziata Esposito Amideo
Dr Miguel
<> and
Dr Mark Connor

Reg-Fr-AIMs sets out to develop a Regulatory Compliance Framework for
Trustworthy AI Medical Device Software. This includes research into
adaptive, trustworthy and compliant AI technology. To this end, the
research to be undertaken at UCD has a strong focus on adaptive
representations for machine learning, optimisation and reasoning. The
Post-doctoral Research Fellow will work with a team of PhD students and
collaborating faculty in both UCD and DKiT, to assist in the adaptive
representations research, and to investigate how we incorporate
Ethical-by-design AI technology into medical device software systems.

Applications open until 27 April 2023, and further details for Job Ref
:015809 at

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