Thursday, March 30, 2023

[DMANET] ICCMA 2023 Call for Participation

*** FINAL Call for Solvers and Benchmarks ***

ICCMA 2023: 5th International Competition on Computational Models of


- EXTENDED: *April 30*, 2023: Solver and benchmark submissions

- Results revealed in conjunction with the KR 2023 conference


The ICCMA competition series aims at nurturing research and
development of implementations for computational models of
argumentation. ICCMA 2023 invites contributions from the community at
large on both implementations of argumentation reasoning algorithms
("solvers") and  interesting instances of argumentation problems for use
as benchmarks in evaluating the solvers participating in the competition.


- Main track on Abstract Argumentation (including a "No-limits"
track specific for e.g. parallel and portfolio solvers)

- Approximate Track (on abstract argumentation)

- Dynamic Track (on abstract argumentation)

- ABA track (first evaluation of solvers for the structured
argumentation formalism of assumption-based argumentation).

For more details, see

NEW FOR 2023

- Changes to input and output formats, directly supporting indexed
arguments: for details, see
- A solver may compete in any sub-track, defined as a computation of
a reasoning mode and an argumentation semantics. For details, see
- Participation in the Dynamic Track supported by a new IPAFAIR API: for
details, see


- For benchmark submissions, see

- For solver submissions, see

ICCMA 2023 Organizers

Matti Järvisalo, Tuomo Lehtonen, Andreas Niskanen (University of Helsinki)


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