Wednesday, March 8, 2023

[DMANET] new EATCS Bulletin

Dear DMANET community!

The new EATCS Bulletin is available at:

Alexandra Silva is our first interviewee this year, and you can read more
about her and her advice, e.g., for young researchers or what to do when
stuck with a research problem, in the interview column.

The distributed computing column features Naama Ben-David, winner of the
2022 Principles of Distributed Computing Doctoral Dissertation Award, who
revisits the idea of "lock-free locks".

The Bulletin further includes a guest column by Boaz Barak: in the theory
blogs column he tells us about his experience writing on the "Windows
in Theory" blog, about his sources of inspiration, about his thoughts
on mathematics and computer science education, and much more.

In the complexity column, Ryan Williams is motivated by the observation
that we have a lot of information about what the proofs of longstanding
open complexity lower bounds cannot look like and investigates
the question: what could a proof of a strong lower bound look like?

The logical column revolves around model theory and Yuri Gurevich
discusses the the umbilical cords of finite model theory. The educational
column investigates how teaching informatics can contribute to improving
education in general.

Last but not least, in the perspectives column, Antoine Amarilli gives
an introduction to the Theoretical Computer Scientists for Future (TCS4F)
initiative which aims to make research in theoretical computer science
environmentally sustainable.

I thank all the contributors to this issue.

Enjoy the new Bulletin!



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