Tuesday, March 7, 2023

[DMANET] Postdoc of Maritime Optimization

Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University, invites applications for a position as postdoc of Maritime Optimization from 1/5/2023 or as soon as possible thereafter. The position as postdoc is limited to a period of 1 year.

As postdoc of maritime optimization, you will be joining the team of researchers working on the ROROGREEN project. ROROGREEN aims at marking the RoRo shipping industry more sustainable though the used of data-driven decision making. In particular, you would be working with real-time stowage planning for trailer-based RoRo vessels. Stowage planning is the process of assigning cargo trailers a position into the vessel. The arrangement of cargo is restricted by vessel stability constraints, and cargo arrival times are uncertain, and should be optimized as to maximize cargo intake and minimize emissions (by reducing ballast water).

As part of the ROROGREEN project you will be under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Line Reinhardt and Assoc. Prof. Dario Pacino. Moreover, you will have a chance to collaborate with project partners from Roskilde University, Southern Denmark University, and the Technical University of Denmark. The project is based on a collaboration with DFDS A/S, the largest Danish RoRo shipping company.

Responsibilities and tasks:
The postdoc's work will include research within the forecasting of cargo arrivals, and the implementation of a dynamic (online/real-time) algorithms for the RoRo stowage planning problem.

The ideal candidate is expected to:
• implement forecasting algorithms to estimate cargo arrivals,
• implement heuristic algorithms for real-time decision making,
• implement monte-carlo simulations to evaluate algorithms' efficiency.
Applicants must hold a PhD or equivalent within operations research. Qualifications within the following scientific areas are required:

• metaheuristics,
• mathematical modelling (mixed-integer programming),
• proficiency in programming (more than just Python is preferred).
The ideal candidate shall be enterprising and possess good communication skills, be visible and involved in the department's daily activities, in addition to being willing to engage in disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration across the department.

Apply here: https://candidate.hr-manager.net/ApplicationInit.aspx?cid=1310&ProjectId=146882&DepartmentId=18971&MediaId=5&IsAdPreviewRequest=true&AdvertisementId=100605

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