Thursday, June 30, 2011

[DMANET] CALL FOR PAPERS [Deadline extended: September 30, 2011]: Special Issue of THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE on ``Theory and Applications of Graph Searching Problems''

CALL FOR PAPERS [***Deadline extension: September 30, 2011***]


Special Issue on ``Theory and Applications of Graph Searching Problems''

Manuscripts are solicited for a special issue in the journal "Theoretical Computer Science" (TCS) on
"Theory and Applications of Graph Searching Problems". This special issue will be dedicated to
the 60th birthday of Lefteris M. Kirousis.

Graph searching is often referred to, in a more playful language, as a pursuit-evasion game. This is a kind of
game where one part is a set of evaders, that hide in a graph representing a network, and the other part is a
number pursuers, that move systematically in the graph. The game may vary significantly according to the
capabilities of the evaders and the pursuers. The objective of the game is to capture the evaders in an optimal
way, where the notion of optimality itself admits several interpretations. The area of Graph Searching has
become a very active research area in theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics, with impact
and applications in various domains.

With this Special Issue, we wish to foster research in the area by exposing new results and directions for further
research. The purpose of the issue is to put together various recent results related to Graph Searching both from
the applied and the theoretical point of view. Potential topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

Rendezvous Games,
Graph exploration and Gatherings
Graph Searching and Logic
Graph Parameters Related to Graph Searching
Graph searching and Robotics
Conquest and Expansion Games
Database Theory and Robber and Marshals Games
Probabilistic Techniques in Graph Searching
Monotonicity and Connectivity in Graph Searching
New Variants of Graph Searching
Graph Searching and Distributed Computing
Graph Searching and Network Security

Submissions should be made in PDF format using the standard TCS submission system
at In the beginning of the submission,
please choose as an Article Type: "SI TCS-A: Graph Searching (Thilikos)".

Submissions must be received before September 30, 2011. Papers will be refereed according to the standards of TCS.
We promise to do our best to have the refereeing procedure timely finished. Please contact the guest editors
for additional information.

Guest Editors

Fedor V. Fomin (University of Bergen)
Pierre Fraigniaud (CNRS and University Paris Diderot)
Stephan Kreutzer (University of Oxford)
Dimitrios M. Thilikos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
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