Friday, June 10, 2011

[DMANET] Open PhD Position LIG-LIP6

*Ph-D. proposal.*
Scheduling on new computing platforms

*General context:*
The proposed subject is funded by a grant obtained by a "Google research
award" and the CNRS.

The objective of this Ph-D is to study and design new algorithms for
scheduling applications in new computing platforms using the most recent
analysis techniques. A special emphasis will be put on optimization of
non-conventional objectives and multi-objective optimization.

The applicative framework is the efficient management of resources
(processing, memory, network) on new large-scale computing platforms
composed of a huge number of hierarchical computing units (multi-core
machines with GPU accelerators). These new features created new hopes
for the users, but they also induce new problems. The existing software
tools are not well-suited in practice. In particular, they target mostly
the maximum completion time of a set of applications. We aim in this
Ph-D to study other (unconventional) objectives like lateness or fairness.
Moreover, the always growing computing power of the new parallel
platforms created new objectives. Thus, we need to study this problem
from a multi-objective perspective for taking into account
simultaneously these contradictory attempts.

The proposed approach will consist in determining adequate execution
models, able to take into account the characteristics of the new
platforms. We are interested in designing scheduling algorithms
determined by exact methods for some specific applications and
approximation algorithms with performance guarantee in more general

*Application process* :
We are seeking an excellent candidate with a master or diploma in
mathematics, theoretical computer science or a related field.
Applications must be send to Safia Kedad-Sidhoum
( at LIP6 University Pierre Marie Curie,
Paris and Denis Trystram ( at Grenoble Institute of
Technology (LIG) including:
- A detailed curriculum vitae;
- The results and ranking in the last two years of academic studies;
- A motivation letter;
- (optional) Names of two references with their e-mail addresses).

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