Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[DMANET] Multimodal Public Transportation Session at the XXVI EURO-INFORMS Joint Conference -- Call for Abstracts

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Call for Abstracts

Session: "Multimodal Public Transportation" at the XXVI EURO-INFORMS Joint Conference

Session Organiser: Christos Zaroliagis, CTI & University of Patras, GR

The XXVI EURO - INFORMS will be held in Rome, 1-4 July 2013

Public transportation networks are characterized by increased complexity due to
their continuous expansion, frequent rescheduling of transportation services, and
the introduction of new transport modalities. Multimodality requests that several
transportation networks should be considered at once, resulting in a much larger
and more complex mixed network, in which the concept of an optimal route (in a
unimodal network) should be reconsidered, since otherwise may lead to non
meaningful results.

The "Multimodal Public Transportation" Session (part of the "Optimization in
Public Transport" Stream at XXVI EURO), welcomes abstracts in all aspects of
multimodal public transortation including (but not limited to):

* multimodal network design and planning
* modelling issues of large-scale multi-modal transportation networks
* urban multimodal route planning
* multiobjective multimodal route planning
* robustness and uncertainty issues in multimodal public transportation networks
* eco-friendly multimodal public transportation
* renewable mobility in multimodal transportation
* intelligent multimodal transportation systems
* visualization of multi-modal route planning

Contributors are requested to submit their abstracts via the Conference web page

by 1 March 2013

using the code e9be38a5 (following the instructions under "Abstract in an invited
session"). Contributors should create an account before submitting their abstract.

Abstracts must be written in English with no more than 600 characters
and should not include formulae or mathematical notation. Each participant
is allowed to present at most one paper at the Conference.

Queries on this session can be directed to the session organiser at zaro @ ceid.upatras.gr
Prospective contributors are also encouraged to contact the session organizer.

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