Monday, February 25, 2013

[DMANET] PostDoc position multi-modal recommendation engine

PostDoc position multi-modal recommendation engine.

We are looking for a PostDoc (1 year) for the project described below. The position is located at AIT ( in Vienna.

If you are interested please contact:

Project: "multimodal recommendation engine".

There is a multitude of routing services that provide real time route planning capabilities based on current traffic observations. These services are based on an A-to-B basis and do not respect the current situation. However, this situation influences the possible routes and means of transport. Furthermore the personal preferences and the situation also have an influence on the chosen modes.
The topic of the project hence is to combine these two components:
1. Estimation and adaptation of individual mode choice preferences based on previous choices, situational context (determining the current choice set) and mobility history.
2. Ranking and thus recommendation of route/mode choice depending on the personal mobility profile based on provided route/mode alternatives.
Currently to the best of our knowledge no such service exists. The innovation here lies in the summarization of past observed behaviour for the ranking of alternative routes.

The work will include
+ the development of the models (of the mixed logit discrete choice type),
+ implementation of the estimation algorithms including appropriate online adaptation methods,
+ theoretical analysis of the properties of the resulting estimators,
+ development and implementation of the ranking algorithms
+ testing and validation of the methods on extensive data sets.
Special emphasis will be given to the identification and implementation of the choice set determination.

Jakob Puchinger

Jakob Puchinger
Senior Scientist
Mobility Department
Dynamic Transportation Systems

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Giefinggasse 2 | 1210 Vienna | Austria
T +43 50550-6461 | M +43 664 210 65 09 | F +43 50550-6439 |

FN: 115980 i HG Wien | UID: ATU14703506

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