Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[DMANET] Post-Doctoral positions in String Algorithms and Combinatorics at University of Warsaw

A research group working on string and combinatorial algorithms and
combinatorics on words lead by Prof. Wojciech Rytter is looking for
post-doctoral candidates at Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer
Science. The candidates should prepare the documents listed below and
contact me directly (jrad@mimuw.edu.pl) to agree on a research plan
including a collaboration scheme with the group.

The postdoctoral research positions at the Warsaw Center of
Mathematics and Computer Science (WCMCS) are aimed at young
researchers who have just received their PhD. Successful candidates
will be employed as an adiunkt (assistant professor) at one of the
institutions of WCMCS. The positions are for 6-12 months, with a
possible extension to at most 18 months, altogether. The salary will
be 7000 PLN per month, pre-tax. In addition, the holder of the
position will be eligible to financial support for participating in
scientific meetings. The position comes with a teaching load of up to
60 hours per semester. At least 3/4 of the position's duration should
be between October 1 and June 30. The applicants should have defended
their PhD not earlier than 4 years before the planned beginning of the
position. This period can be prolonged by the parental leave.

The candidates applying for post-doc positions at the WCMCS should
fill in the application form
(http://wcmcs.edu.pl/submit-application/postdocs) and submit the
following documents:

* a cover letter of application addressed to the Board of WCMCS,
indicating the institution (MIMUW or IMPAN) and the period of his/her
* a CV including a list of publications, and copies of 3 best papers, at most,
* a research plan including a collaboration scheme with researchers

In addition, the applicant should ask at most two senior researchers
to send their letters of support to the following e-mail address

The evaluation of the candidates will focus on the scientific merit of
their research and its relevance to the topics developed at WCMCS as
well as on their possible contribution to enhancing the research
potential of WCMCS. A successful candidate can take his or her job
immediately after the announcement of the results of the selection and
not later than 8 months after that moment. At the time of taking the
position the candidate should present a document that confirms holding
the PhD degree.

Deadline for applications is March 15th, 2013.
See also: http://wcmcs.edu.pl/node/41
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