Monday, March 30, 2015

[DMANET] PhD + PostDoc positions in Theoretical Computer Science

The Computer Science institute of the University of Tartu, Estonia,
seeks to fill

1 PhD position

1 Postdoc position

in Theoretical Computer Science.

PhD position
* 4-year PhD program (in English)
* salary: 1000 Euros after tax (125% of Estonian avg. net income)
* no teaching duties, but teaching is possible
* vibrant institute with lots of international PhD students

An excellent background in mathematics, particularly probability +
discrete math is required.

For informal inquiries, contact Mozhgan Pourmoradnasseri (mozhgan [at]
ut [dot] ee). Please include a CV.

Postdoc position
* Renewable 2 year contract
* shorter term duration is also possible
* salary and travel budget depend on qualifications:
- salary 1400-1700 Euros after tax
- travel budget 1000-2500 Euros (spend at your own discretion)
* teaching 2 x 90 min per week (semesters w/ 16 weeks).

The core research is in the area of random structures, probabilistic
combinatorics, randomized algorithms, probabilistic analysis.

For informal inquiries, contact Dirk Oliver Theis (dotheis [at] ut
[dot] ee). Please include a CV and one or two (links to) your favorite

Tartu and Estonia
* International CS institute, working language is English;
large part of the faculty + most postdocs, PhD students are expatriates
* in TCS, communication is entirely in English (~90% expats)
* Tartu is a student city packed with bars, restaurants, and exchange students
* long warm summer evenings :)
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