Monday, May 4, 2015

[DMANET] INFORMS 2015: Call for Computing Society Tracks, Sessions, Presentations and now Posters

I'm organizing the Computing Society cluster for the 2015 INFORMS
Annual Meeting in historic Philadelphia. If you are interested in
organizing a short track (two or three sessions) or a session or
contributing a presentation or poster, please let me know by email <mjs
AT clemson DOT edu> as soon as you can. The abstract deadline is May 15
and the poster deadline is June 15.

This year, we are planning to include sponsored poster collections as
part of the poster sessions and competition. More information about
posters is at If you are interested in contributing a poster to the Computing Society sponsored collection, please contact me directly.

If you have research, practice experience, software, discussion
topics, or you know people who do that should be invited, let me know.

The conference is November 1-4, 2015 at the Pennsylvania
Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Conference information
is available at

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