Thursday, May 28, 2015

[DMANET] PhD Position at INRIA (France) :OR applied to Energy. Project in collaboration with EDF

Full funded Phd position at INRIA Lille (France) in collaboration with EDF R&D (Paris).

Subject : Design and Pricing of Electricity Services in a Competitive Environment

Supervisors :

Brotcorne Luce INRIA Lille Nord Europe

03 59 35 86 29

Sébastien Lepaul EDF R&D, Plateau de Saclay

01 47 65 55 76 – 06 62 37 43 22

Summary of the project

Electricity generation and consumption are always considered as a ''hot topic'' for governments, economists, ecologists, and scientists. Indeed, in spite of modern power generator technologies, the energy consumption increase defines new challenges for power producers and electricity providers. Because supply and demand for electricity must balance in real-time, rapid changes in demand create operational challenges for the electric system.

The aim of the project is to solve a joint pricing and design problem of energy services in a competitive environment for residential demand side management. More precisely, the objective is twofold : generate revenue for an energy provider and encourage the customers to individually and voluntarily reduce their consumption at peak periods. A bi-level approach is considered to take explicitly into account the strategic behavior of consumers into the optimization process.

EDF has to define new product offer to its industrial customers (tarifs jaunes et verts). In this framework the thesis will be a real challenge.

Thesis goals

The goals of the thesis are twofold. First the student will have to define appropriate models for the problem in a monopolistic and competitive environment. A close collaboration with practitioners (Direction Economie Prix et Tarif) will be required. Next the solution algorithms will have to be developed and tested.


Optimization Background, Coding in C++ or java,

Economical knowledge will be an add value.

Environment and Timing

The thesis will start october 2015 and will take place at INRIA Lille, EDF Lab at Saclay and PGMO lab at l'Ecole Polytechnique.

For any further information feel free to contact Luce Brotcorne or Sébastien Lepaul.

To apply for the project, please send a CV, a motivation letter and record to and

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