Thursday, May 21, 2015

[DMANET] Post-doc Research grant (BI-D) - BacHBerry project (FP7)


*1 Research Grant – Post-doc (BI-D)*

We are seeking one postdoc candidate in the context of a FP7 KBBE European
Project, *BacHBerry - "BACterial Hosts for production of Bioactive
phenolics from bERRY fruits*, (European Union FP7- 613793).

*Scientific Area*: Optimization and Operations Research

*Required education Level and research experience*: PhD in one of the
following areas: optimization, operations research, machine learning,
computer science, mathematics, statistics or related, with a taste for
inter-disciplinary research, and with very good interpersonal skills.
Ideally, the person will have a long experience with optimization
techniques, machine learning and graphical models.

*Workplan*: With the development of genetic and metabolic engineering is it
now possible to increase the cells' production of given substances by
manipulating the corresponding metabolic networks, which can be defined as
hypergraphs (nodes are compounds, edges are chemical reactions). BachBerry
is interested in the generation of bacterial platforms for sustainable
bio-based production of phenolic compounds found in berry fruits. This is
accomplished by maximizing the fluxes in the network, a problem similar to
those occurring in transportation and logistics optimization. The candidate
will work on the development and application of optimization methods and
algorithms, in particular expanding techniques based on linear programming
(FBA), bi-level mixed-integer (OptKnock) and multi-level optimization
(OptCom). Also sparse optimization might provide relevant solutions and
will be explored during the project.

*Workplace and scientific supervision*: The candidate will work in the
Center of Intelligent Systems at the IDMEC (,
Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal, under the supervision of
Susana Vinga and in interaction with the partners of BacHBerry, in
particular the ERABLE team at the Inria-UCBL in Lyon, France ( and Marie-France Sagot. Both CSI and ERABLE
are methodological teams with an expertise in computational and systems

*Duration:* 12 months, from September 2015, and renewable for up to the
duration of the project.

*Application Dates*: From 3rd June to* 27th July 2015*

*Documents to be submitted*: Detailed curriculum vitae; motivation letter;
copy of academic study certificates; name of two personal references. The
applications should be submitted via email to

*For more details*:

Susana Vinga, PhD
Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel. (+351) 218 419 504 Fax: (+351) 218 498 097

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