Monday, May 4, 2015

[DMANET] REACHABILITY PROBLEMS 2015: submissions: 11 June, 2015

The 9th International Workshop on Reachability Problems (RP2015),
21 - 23 September 2015, University of Warsaw, Poland
Deadline for submissions: 11 June, 2015 (firm)

The 9th Workshop on Reachability Problems will be hosted by the University
of Warsaw. The event will take place in the old university campus, at the heart of

The Reachability Workshop is specifically aimed at gathering together
scholars from diverse disciplines interested in reachability problems that appear in
algebraic structures, computational models, hybrid systems, logic and

Invited Speakers:

- Christel Baier Technische Universität Dresden
- Alessandro D'Innocenzo Università degli Studi dell'Aquila
- Jerome Leroux LABRI, Université Bordeaux
- Peter Bro Miltersen Aarhus Universitet
- Andrey Rybalchenko Microsoft Research
- James Worrell University of Oxford


Authors are invited to submit a draft of a full paper with at most 12 pages
(in LaTeX, formatted according to LNCS guidelines) via the conference web page.
Proofs omitted due to space constraints must be put into an appendix to be
read by the program committee members at their discretion. Submissions deviating
from these guidelines risk rejection. Electronic submissions should be
formatted in pdf. Simultaneous submission to other conferences or workshops
with published proceedings is not allowed.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): reachability for
infinite state systems, rewriting systems; reachability analysis in counter/timed/
cellular/communicating automata; Petri nets; computational aspects of
semigroups, groups and rings; reachability in dynamical and hybrid systems;
frontiers between decidable and undecidable reachability problems;
complexity and decidability aspects; predictability in iterative maps and new
computational paradigms.

Important Dates

- Submission deadline: 11 June 2015
- Notification to authors: 10 July 2015
- Final version: 17 July 2015
- Workshop: 21 - 23 September 2015

Presentation-Only Track

In addition to regular papers that will appear in our LNCS proceedings, we
invite researchers to apply to give a presentation at RP 2015 without an
accompanying paper. Such presentations can be based on work that has
appeared (or which is going to appear) in the proceedings of another conference, or
which has not yet been submitted. These contributions will be judged
solely on the basis of their attractiveness to the workshop.

To apply to give such a presentation please submit a PDF file containing a
short abstract (up to two pages) by e-mail [ ] by
August 4th 2015, with subject "RP2015 Presentation-Only Track". This abstract
will not be published in the conference proceedings.
Notification for the presentation-only track will be August 11th 2015.


The Conference Proceedings will be published as the volume of the Springer
Verlag LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) series and distributed at
the Conference. We plan also to publish selected papers in a special issue of a
high quality journal following the regular referee procedure.

RP2015 Program Committee:

Mikołaj Bojańczyk (co-chair) University of Warsaw
Tomas Brazdil Masaryk University, Brno
Thomas Brihaye Université de Mons
Krishnendu Chatterjee IST Austria
Lorenzo Clemente University of Warsaw
Javier Esparza Technische Universität München
Kousha Etessami University of Edinburgh
Stefan Göller ENS Cachan
Christoph Haase ENS Cachan
Tero Harju University of Turku
Raphael Jungers UCLouvain
Sławomir Lasota (co-chair) University of Warsaw
Richard Mayr University of Edinburgh
Pierre McKenzie Université de Montréal
Joel Ouaknine University of Oxford
Giovanni Pighizzini University of Milano
Igor Potapov (co-chair) University of Liverpool
Alexander Rabinovich Tel Aviv University
Sylvain Salvati LaBRI Bordeaux
Sylvain Schmitz ENS Cachan
Olivier Serre LIAFA Paris

Previous Workshops:

2014: RP'14 in Oxford, UK
LNCS proceedings, Volume 8762/2014, Springer Verlag
2013: RP'13 in Uppsala, Sweden
LNCS proceedings, Volume 8169/2013, Springer Verlag
2012: RP'12 in Bordeaux, France
LNCS proceedings, Volume 7550/2012, Springer Verlag
2011: RP'11 in Genova, Italy
LNCS proceedings, Volume 6945/2011, Springer Verlag
2010: RP'10 in Brno, Czech Republic
LNCS proceedings, Volume 6227/2010, Springer Verlag
2009: RP'09 in Palaiseau, France
LNCS proceedings, Volume 5797/2009, Springer Verlag
2008: RP'08 in Liverpool, UK
ENTCS proceedings, Volume 223, Elsevier
2007: RP'07 in Turku, Finland
TUCS General Publication Series, Volume 45, Turku Centre for
Computer Science

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