Thursday, June 18, 2015

[DMANET] MCU '15: Call for participation and informal presentations

7th International conference MCU '15

Machines, Computations and Universality 2015

Famagusta, North Cyprus, 9-11 September 2015

2nd Call for informal presentations and Call for Participation

The conference Machines, Computations and Universality 2015 (MCU'15)
takes place in Famagusta, North Cyprus in September, 2015. We are
welcome participants, the registration page is open:
Deadline for early bird registration is approaching (20th of June).

We are also welcome to receive abstracts of informal presentations
(results announcement, work in progress,...) on any of the topics of
the conference MCU'15:

* Analog computation
* Automata theory
* Cellular automata
* Classical computability and degree structures
* Computability theoretic aspects of programs
* Computable analysis and real computation
* Computable structures and models
* Continuous computing
* Decidability of theories
* DNA computing, self-assembly and tiling
* Dynamical systems and computational models
* Emerging and non-standard models of computation
* Finite model theory
* Generalized recursion theory
* Higher type computability
* Hypercomputational models
* Infinite time Turing machines
* Membrane computing
* Molecular computation
* Morphogenesis and developmental biology
* Multi-agent systems
* Natural computation and Hybrid systems
* Neural nets and connectionist models
* Physics and computability
* Proof theory and computability
* Randomness and Kolmogorov complexity
* Relativistic computation
* Swarm intelligence and self-organisation
* Theory of Petri nets
* Turing, Counter, Register, Signal machines
* Universality of systems

Invited speakers:

Matthew Cook - University of Zürich and ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Jetty Kleijn - Leiden University, The Netherlands
Linqiang Pan - Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Anne Siegel - IRISA/CNRS, Dyliss, France
Mike Stannett - University of Sheffield, UK

Accepted papers (for LNCS proceedings):

Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú, Rudolf Freund and György Vaszil:
A Connection Between Red-Green Turing Machines and Watson-Crick T0L
Frank Drewes, Markus Holzer, Sebastian Jakobi and Brink van der Merwe:
Tight Bounds for Cut-Operations on Deterministic Finite Automata
Henning Fernau, Rudolf Freund, Rani Siromoney and K G Subramanian:
Contextual Array Grammars with Regular Control and Local Selectors
Sergiu Ivanov and Sergey Verlan:
Universality of Graph-controlled Leftist Insertion-deletion
Systems with Two States
Martin Kutrib, Andreas Malcher and Matthias Wendlandt:
Tinput-Driven Pushdown Automatainformal presentations
Martin Kutrib and Matthias Wendlandt:
Reversible Limited Automata
Simon Martiel and Bruno Martin:
An intrinsically universal family of causal graph dynamics
Matthew Patitz, Jacob Hendricks and Trent Rogers:
The Simulation Powers and Limitations of Higher Temperature
Hierarchical Self-Assembly Systems
Sándor Vályi and Benedek Nagy:
A Characterization of NP within Interval-Valued Computing
Dmitry Zaitsev:
Universality in Infinite Petri Nets

Submitted abstracts will be acknowledged and accepted by one of the PC
members shortly after the submission. At least one author of each
accepted abstract must register and give the talk in the conference.
Abstract will appear on a special page on the website and on local
abstract booklet (and not in the LNCS proceedings).
The submission can be done by email to the address

A special issue of a journal devoted to MCU'15 is programmed. It will
undergo the usual reviewing process. Some informal presentations will be
proposed to contribute.

Submission Deadline: continuously till 10 July 2015.
Notification of authors: in a week after the submission.

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* Replies to a message carried on DMANET should NOT be
* addressed to DMANET but to the original sender. The
* original sender, however, is invited to prepare an
* update of the replies received and to communicate it
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