Tuesday, June 9, 2015

[DMANET] SECOND Announcement: Shape Up 2015, Berlin


Shape Up 2015

Exercises in Materials Geometry and Topology

Berlin (Germany), 14-18 September 2015


Dear Scientists and Mathematicians,

This is a reminder about our upcoming conference:

Shape Up 2015
Exercises in Materials Geometry and Topology

The conference will be an interdisciplinary
discussion meeting on patterns and geometry,
and their role in biological and synthetic
microstructured materials and tissue.

We invite contributions from biology, chemistry,
materials science, mathematics, physics and
related fields addressing the genesis, properties
and function of complex nano-scale geometries,
as well as underlying geometric and topological
concepts for the study of complex structure
and shape.

We have extended the abstract submission deadline

*** 15 June 2015 ***

We encourage you to use the latex-template
on the website (http://www.shape-up.academy/)
and to include both attractive images and
references in your abstract.

Best regards, and we hope to see you in Berlin,

The Organising Committee

Myfanwy Evans (TU Berlin), Andrew Kraynik (Sandia, Ret.),
Frank Lutz (TU Berlin), Gerd Schröder-Turk (Murdoch)
and Bodo Wilts (Fribourg)
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