Friday, May 20, 2016

[DMANET] 2nd CfP: Special Issue in Journal of Heuristics on Metaheuristics for Combinatorial Optimization

Special Issue in Journal of Heuristics
on Metaheuristics for Combinatorial Optimization
(second call for papers)


Combinatorial Optimization Problems consist in finding an optimal solution (according to some objective function) from a finite search space. These problems arise in Industry and Academia and, unfortunately, most of them cannot be solved efficiently, that is, they are NP-hard and no polynomial time algorithm is known to solve them. For this reason, in the last decades researches have investigated the use of approximated algorithms to find near optimal solutions to these problems. In particular, a great research effort has been devoted to the development of metaheuristic algorithms to solve combinatorial optimization problems, like Evolutionary Algorithms, Ant Colony Optimization, Particle Swarm Optimization, Iterated Local Search, Variable neighbourhood Search, Hybrid Metaheuristics, etc.

Successfully solved problems include scheduling, timetabling, network design, transportation and distribution problems, vehicle routing, traveling salesman, graph problems, satisfiability, energy optimization problems, packing problems and planning problems.

Prominent examples of metaheuristics include evolutionary algorithms, simulated annealing, tabu search, scatter search, memetic algorithms, ant colony optimization, particle swarm optimization, variable neighbourhood search, iterated local search, greedy randomized adaptive search procedures, estimation of distribution algorithms, hyperheuristics and hybrid algorithms.

We encourage authors to submit original high-quality research on the application of metaheuristic algorithms to combinatorial optimization problems.


All submissions have to be prepared according to the "instructions for authors" as published in the journal website at . Authors should submit their manuscripts to the Journal of Heuristics Editorial Manager at . When submitting a paper, please select the special issue article type "S.I. : Metaheuristics for Combinatorial Optimization".


15 July 2016 submission deadline
15 November 2016 authors notification
15 February 2017 authors' revisions
5 June 2017 final notification
12 June 2017 final manuscript
Fall 2017 tentative publication


Bin Hu
Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

Francisco Chicano
University of Málaga, Spain
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