Tuesday, May 17, 2016

[DMANET] Call for Participation: International Workshop on Exploring Old Maps (EOM 2016) / UL, Maison du Savoir; June 8, 2016


Call for Participation

International Workshop on Exploring Old Maps (EOM 2016)
( co-located with DH Benelux 2016 )

When: Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Where: Maison du Savoir, University of Luxembourg, Campus Belval, Room

Home: http://ExploringOldMaps.uni.lu



Many libraries own an extensive collection of historical maps. Beside
their value
as historical objects, these maps are an important source of information
researchers in various scientific disciplines. This ranges from the
actual history
of cartography and general history to the geographic and social
sciences. With
the progressing digitisation of libraries and archives, these maps
become more
easily available to a larger public. A basic level of digitisation
consists of
scanned bitmap images, tagged with some basic bibliographic information
such as
title, author and year of production. In order to make the maps more
further metadata describing the contained information is desirable. This
enable more user-friendly interfaces, relevant queries of a database, and
automatic analyses.

The purpose is to provide a forum for the communication of results
(which may
appear elsewhere) that may be useful to the community. Researchers and
of all areas working on unlocking the content of old maps are welcome to
We welcome humanities scholars, developers, computer and information
scientists as
well as librarians, archivists and curators.



08h30 Registration
UL, Campus Belval, Maison du Savoir, Room 3.220 (third floor).

09h00 Welcome by Thomas van Dijk & Christoph Schommer

09h10 Invited Talk 1: Wolfgang Crom, Staatsbibliothek Berlin, Germany
"Digitisaton of maps – only a colourful picture or a value added service?"

10h00 Coffee Break

10h15 Invited Talk 2: Catherine Jones, CVCE, Luxembourg
"Geohumanities on the Web: Exploring Rules for Engagement"

11h05 Coffee Break

11h20 Invited Talk 3:
Petr Pridal, Klokan Technologies, Switzerland
"Old Maps Online: from paper to vectors"

12h10 - 13h30 Lunch

13h30 Paper Presentations
* Hendrik Herold, Robert Hecht, and Gotthard Meinel (TU Dresden)
"Old Maps for Land Use Change Monitoring"
* Annette Hey (University of Rostock)
"Rostock Giant Atlas: an important scientific source"
* Benedikt Budig (University of Würzburg)
"Towards a Pipeline for Metadata Extraction from Historical Maps"
* Marco Neubert, Robin Gutting, and Oh Seok Kim (TU Dresden &
Korean Environment Institute, Sejong)
"Landscape Change Induced by Separation and Reunification"
* Hans Bauer (University of Regensburg)
"Knowledge organization with Maps as Nodes"
* Thomas Schwotzer (HTW Berlin)
"Open Historical Data Map"
* Thomas Hirsch, Florian Westphal, Kai Saeger, Thomas Schwotzer (HTW
"Vectorization of Historical Maps"
* Winfried Höhn, University of Luxembourg
"Georeferencing, Annotation, and Analysis Tools for Old Maps: an overview

16h30 Conclusions & Next Steps
17h30 End of the Workshop


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