Tuesday, March 20, 2018

[DMANET] Blockchain Technology Symposium 2018 (BTS’ 18) - from Hype to Reality

Blockchain technology has solved a fundamental problem of how one can prove, and effectively manage, the ownership of a digital asset in an environment where everything can be copied or modified. With this problem solved, the Internet can be used as the foundation to build out large-scale transaction processing platforms. This fundamental breakthrough has created a lot of interest and investment in both academia and industry. Due to the great potential in revolutionizing many industry applications, there is a lot of hype and enthusiasm in the industry about blockchain technology. However, there remains a variety of challenges ranging from technological to business to cultural obstacles that need to first be addressed before blockchain technology realizes its full potential. Academia and industry need to work hand-in-hand to take this promising discourse from hype to reality.

Blockchain Technology Symposium 2018 (BTS' 18) is a forum where academic researchers, industry professionals, and decision makers come together to present recent advancements, discuss adoption barriers, and explore future roadmaps surrounding blockchain and its related technologies such as consensus algorithms, smart contracts, and distributed ledger technologies.

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Thank you,
— Pawel Pralat
Assistant Director for Industry Liaison, The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Ryerson University

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