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[DMANET] Full professorship at LAMSADE, University Paris-Dauphine

The Laboratoire d'Analyse et Modelisation de Systemes pour l'Aide a la
Decision (LAMSADE)

of the University Paris-Dauphine opens a Full Professor's position
starting on September

2018. Research profile of this position lies in one of the research
profiles of the teams

"Decision Making" and "Combinatorial Optimization and Algorithms".

Successful candidate is expected to work on one or more research themes

-- Algorithmic game theory

-- Approximation of hard problems (polynomial, moderately exponential
and/or subexponential,


-- Combinatorial optimization

-- Complexity Theory

-- Graph theory (structural and algorithmic aspects)

-- Mathematical programming (linear and nonlinear programming, integer
programming, stochastic

programming, polyhedral approches...)

-- Multi-objective combinatorial optimization

-- On-line computation, probabilistic optimization and algorithms in
dynamic environments

-- Social choice theory

We seek for excellent candidates having strong skills in one or more of
the aforementioned fields. Applicants should demonstrate their abilities
in conducting original top-level research in them.

A complete description of the position (for both research and teaching)
and contacts are given below:


Full Professor Position
University Paris Dauphine
Reference: 0452

Job profile
The University Paris-Dauphine opens a professor position in Computer
Science. Research in one of
the two research teams "Decision" and "Combinatorial Optimization,
Algorithms" or ideally in
both, of the LAMSADE Lab, CNRS UMR 7243. Teaching in University
Departments, mainly the
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
Research Fields: Computer Science, Decision Support and Aiding,
Combinatorial Optimization.


Profile: The perspective colleague will develop his/her research within
the scientific priorities of
the LAMDADE and of University Paris-Dauphine at the intersection of
Decision Analysis and
Combinatorial Optimization. Subjects of interest in this area at LAMSADE
include: decision
theory, formal models of decision support, artificial intelligence,
algorithms with performance
guarantees, combinatorial optimization, multiobjective combinatorial
optimization, algorithmic
game theory, computational social choice, and mathematical programming.

Candidates are invited to get in touch with :
Denis Cornaz (head of the Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms team at
Jérôme Lang (head of the Decision team at LAMSADE :,
Daniela Grigori (director of LAMSADE :
Location: LAMSADE UMR CNRS n° 7243, Université Paris-Dauphine
Head of LAMSADE: Daniela Grigori
Phone : +33144054508
LAMSADE is a joint research centre of Université Paris Dauphine and the
research conducted in LAMSADE is at the edge of two major disciplines:
Computer Science and
Decision Support (more specifically Operational Research). It develops
both fundamental and
applied research about topics such as decision support, decision theory,
social choice theory,
operational research, combinatorial optimisation, algorithmic
complexity, mathematical
programming, databases, machine learning and systems engineering. It is
organised in three teams:
"Decision Support", "Algorithmics and Combinatorial Optimisation", "Data


Profile: the perspective colleague will teach computer science for the
Department MIDO
« Mathématiques, Informatique de la Décision et des Organisations » as
well as for other
departments of paris-Dauphine University at all training levels
(undergraduate and graduate).
He/She will participate in teaching computer science courses, in
particular programming,
algorithmic, artificial intelligence, machine leraning, data analysis
and databases, information
systems, software engineering, networks and operation systems.
Experience in these domains will
be appreciated. He/She is also expected to take the responsibility of at
least one of our training
Training Department: MIDO (Mathématiques, Informatique de la Décision et des
Location: Université Paris-Dauphine
Co-director of the department: Dario Colazzo
Phone number: +331 44 05 4508
Department site:

A. Ridha Mahjoub
Laboratoire LAMSADE
Université Paris Dauphine
Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
75775 Paris Cedex 16
Tel: +33 (0)1 44 05 48 96
Fax: +33 (0)1 44 05 40 91
of RAIRO-Operations Research

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