Monday, June 11, 2018

[DMANET] Advances in Combinatorics

Dear colleagues,

We would like to announce the launch of a new arXiv overlay journal -
Advances in Combinatorics.

Advances in Combinatorics is a mathematical journal that publishes
high-quality articles about combinatorial structures such as graphs,
hypergraphs, set systems, matroids, geometrical configurations, and
sets of integers, including their algorithmic aspects. We aim to be a
top-level specialist journal in combinatorics.

The journal will follow a model established by the journal "Discrete
Analysis" for diamond open access. The journal has no printed copies;
instead, the journal provides links to the published versions of the
articles on arXiv. So, the journal will be free to read for everybody!

Submission page:

We are now open for submissions and intend to publish the first
articles early in 2019.

Editorial board

Béla Bollobás (Cambridge)
Reinhard Diestel (Hamburg)
Timothy Gowers (Cambridge)
Dan KráΔΎ (Warwick)
Daniela Kühn (Birmingham)
James Oxley (LSU)
Bruce Reed (McGill)
Gábor Sárközy (WPI)
Asaf Shapira (Tel Aviv)
Robin Thomas (Georgia Tech)

The financial and administrative support for the journal is provided
by the Library of Queen's University in Kingston, ON.

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